Expert consulting in the areas of

accessibility of the built environment,

disability rights policy,

and the management of small Federal agencies



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Lawrence Roffee






I formed LMR Consulting in August 2008 after I retired from 30 years of service in the Federal government.  The mission of LMR Consulting is to provide expert consulting in the areas of accessibility of the built environment, disability rights policy, and the management of small Federal agencies.


Access to the Built Environment


I served as Executive Director of the U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) from 1988 to 2008.  During that time I led the agency in its mandated responsibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act to develop the basic accessibility guidelines covering the vast range of buildings and facilities required to be accessible to people with disabilities under that act.  I led the agency in work on almost 50 Federal rulemaking actions in the areas of:


·        General buildings and facilities in the built environment,

·        Transportation vehicles,

·        Facilities unique to government institutions such as prisons and courthouses,

·        Facilities constructed primarily for the use of children,

·        Recreation facilities such as swimming pools, sports venues, and boating facilities,

·        Play areas,

·        Over-the-road buses,

·        Outdoor developed areas such as trails, and picnic and camping areas,

·        Passenger vessels such as cruise ships and ferries,

·        Public-rights-of-ways including street crossings, curb ramps, and audible pedestrian signals, and

·        Telecommunications equipment, and electronic and information technology.


In each of these areas I led the effort to gather the initial data, work with the industries impacted, work with organizations of people with disabilities, and develop the legal language of the rule and the cost benefit analyses.  I also led the efforts to develop and distribute technical assistance materials and training on the final guidelines.


LMR Access Consulting Services


Through LMR Consulting I am able to provide advice and consultation on the complete range of accessibility guidelines developed by the Access Board.  I concentrate on expertise on the Board’s guidelines on outdoor developed areas and passenger vessels.  Specifically I provide services to:


·        Survey existing outdoor facilities and passenger vessels with recommendations for improving access,

·        Review plans for new facilities or vessels for compliance with accessibility guidelines,

·        Review operating policies and procedures to ensure the absence of discrimination against people with disabilities, and

·        Assist entities to comply with regulations from the Access Board, Department of Transportation and Department of Justice under Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Small Federal Agency Management


The Access Board is considered to be a “micro” Federal agency.  It is a completely separate Federal Agency governed by a Board appointed by the President.  As the agency’s senior career civil servant, I directed the agency’s programs and I was responsible for the daily management of the all the administrative operations of the agency.  With the growth of the Board to meet its mandate under the Americans with Disabilities Act, I was faced with the challenge to develop administrative systems that met the needs of the small Access Board yet complied with the numerous Federal requirements for human resource management, contracting and purchasing, information technology management, and employee performance management.


After twenty years of work at the Access Board I have an expertise in Federal administrative and management systems that are applicable to a small Federal agency,


          LMR Small Agency Management Consulting Services


Through LMR Consulting I am able to provide advice and consultation to small Federal agencies in the following areas:


·        Management Reporting.  Complying with the reporting requirements in OMB Circulars A-11, A-76, A-123, the Tax Payers Accountability Act and the Government Performance and Results Act.


·        Employee Performance Management and Awards.  Designing and implementing a performance management and awards program that is applicable to a small agency.


·        Information Resources Management.  Designing and implementing an electronic and information technology management system for a small agency.