I have had the idea to create a page for BBQ and grilling photos for some time.  A recent post on Steven Raichlenís Barbecue Bible web site by Bob BQN, spurred me to fire up Front Page and....

First let me thank Bob, and post a link to his pictures.  It is a very nice layout, very good photography, and made me hungry enough I had to have some ribs for dinner tonight.  (At a restaurant -- I know sacrilegious.)

Provided the space used and data transfer rate remains reasonable, I would be willing to post photos of the smoking and grilling creations of other users of the Barbecue Bible web site.  Just send me an e-mail.


Click on a photo for a larger version.

  First of all, my idea of heaven.




A 12 pound goose as it went into the smoker  in January 2003.




The goose 6 hours later, smokes at an average temperature of 2800


A couple of slabs of ribs and a chicken in the smoker, July 2003.  
We love smoked trout and generally throw a couple of filets in the smoker when ever it is used.  Here they are on a cedar plank. 



Here is a link to my version of beer can chicken.